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Year 11 Field Study at the Warrumbungles

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On Tuesday 10th of August, 14 Year 11 Biology students travelled to the Warrumbungles to practise ecological survey techniques. The goal for the day was to collect data about the abiotic and biotic factors in two different ecosystems so we could analyse data and compare the two ecosystems.

We were fortunate to have beautiful weather on the day. The day started at White Gums lookout where Mr Wes Leedham from the Warrumbungles National Park Environmental Education Centre gave the students an outline of the geological and ecological history of the landscape. Our first study site was just off the track to the lookout. Here students used a range of techniques to gather data about biotic and abiotic features of the ecosystem.

After lunch, students used the same techniques to collect data about the ecosystem at a site that has experienced more human disturbance. The last task of the day involved getting dirty hands while testing the soil samples that had been collected at each site. After completing the field work, students spent time analysing and presenting their data in a way that allowed them to compare the two ecosystems.