Coonabarabran High School

Forever dare

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Principal's welcome

Portrait of Mary Doolan, Principal

Welcome to Coonabarabran High. Outstanding academic achievement and individualised support to promote success for all students are characteristics of Coonabarabran High. We strive to give every student the greatest potential to lead enjoyable and productive lives beyond school. To support this aim we build student skills and achievement across a broad curriculum to ensure that our students have every opportunity to benefit from their time in our school community.

Students benefit from a rich curriculum and access to the highest quality instruction in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits. Programs in agriculture, environmental studies, music, sport, student leadership, cultural studies and other areas provide opportunities for our students to enjoy and extend themselves in areas of personal interest and ability. The “Tyranny of Distance” has no place in a school which regularly offers students the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom through their involvement in activities such as excursions, fieldtrips, attendances at live performance and lectures.

Student engagement is nurtured in an exceptional learning environment. Spacious, beautifully maintained grounds support the positive environment inherent to the school. New building work has expanded the curriculum available to include vocational courses giving our students options for tailored learning programs, employment and further study. The learning within well managed classrooms is enhanced via access to an impressive technology network which enables students to engage as 21st Century learners.

Experienced, highly qualified and committed teachers provide excellent educational programs which meet the diverse needs of all students enrolling from our community. The staff, many of whom have taught at Coonabarabran High for a significant length of time, are committed to the success of our students and have built a proud tradition of providing every extra effort to support student achievement. The school has been recognised as a Centre for Excellence and accordingly our staff have shared their expertise with schools throughout the Western Region.

Our community provides strong support to the school through the partnerships we build with parents and caregivers, our active Parents and Citizens group and our links with local business and charitable organisations.

The school’s motto “Forever Dare” encapsulates the core challenge of our school community; to encourage our students to give of their best effort in every field of endeavour. At Coonabarabran High School we are committed and well placed to meet this challenge.

Mary Doolan