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General School Rules

Details of main school rules

Attendance:  Students must be in attendance at school unless sick or on leave with parent’s permission.  A note must be produced signed by a parent/guardian to explain any absences from school.  All absences will be recorded on school reports.  For those students receiving Austudy or Abstudy, deductions are made for unexplained absences.

buses:   Bus travellers must wait in an orderly fashion as directed.  Students are not to wait on the footpath, but remain behind the bollards.

canteen:  Lunches should be ordered before 8.55am or at Recess.  Students may not make purchases at the Canteen during lesson times.  Students must wait in line and follow the direction of teachers, prefects and canteen staff.

Cases and Bags: These should be placed to allow safe access through doors and corridors.  Do not leave money or valuables in bags.

Jewellery/Make-up:  Students should not wear make-up to school. Jewellery is to be restricted to items which do not pose a danger or inconvenience to the wearer or other people and are not of an offensive nature.  Facial jewellery, other than discreet sleeper of stud earrings, is not allowed.

Lateness:   Students late to school must report to the Front Office, enter name and reason for the lateness in the Late Book and collect a late slip.  The number of times a student arrives at school late will be recorded on their school report.  Persistent offenders will be punished.

leaving School Grounds:  Students must receive the Principal’s or Deputy Principal’s permission to leave the school grounds and must have permission in writing from parent/guardian.

Mobile Phones:  Mobile phones are not permitted at school.  If a student needs to have one it should be left with the Deputy Principal during school hours.

Out Of Bounds Areas:  Classrooms, classroom corridors, and the School Hall are out of bounds before 8.55am and at recess/lunch times unless under the direct supervision of a teacher.  Under no circumstances are students to interfere with heaters or air conditioners.

Recreational Areas:  Students may use –
i)        The quadrangle and adjacent seated areas at all times.  Ball games are not  allowed in the quadrangle.

ii)        The northern wall, basketball courts, playing fields, cricket nets, during recess  and lunch break.

iii)        The area between the science rooms and the demountables is for Year 11 and  Year 12 use only.

Smoking:   It is the Department of School Education & Training’s Policy that smoking is banned on school premises including school grounds.  Students in possession of cigarettes or equipment associated with tobacco/smoking will be subject to school discipline procedures.

Students’ Cars:  Cars may be parked in the school grounds at the discretion of the Principal.  A student driving a car to school and wishing to drive the car during school time must have the approval of the Principal/Deputy Principal and must have completed an official Permission Note from the school.  Students wishing to be passengers in student cars must also have an official Permission Note for each driver with whom they drive.  Students may NOT drive to sport.

Telephone:   Students are permitted to use the school telephone only when the matter is urgent.

Textbooks:   Students who damage textbooks will be charged proportionally for the loss of value incurred.  Your cooperation in helping the school to preserve its resources for all students is appreciated.

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