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Mark Walton visit and Music Concert

31 Mar 2021

Student Sam Bowman and Mark Waltoon holding saxaphones

More images of Mark and students are in the Mark Walton Visit and Music Concert gallery.

In the evening, Mark Walton, his students, the Jazz Band and a few other Music students all participated in a Music concert. This concert was held in the Senior Quad, under the beautiful Coonabarabran night sky. The Jazz Band started the concert off and Miss Nicole Lewis, our new Music teacher, performed as soloist on the flute. Students played a wide variety of pieces and Mark Walton performed two brilliant pieces on clarinet and saxophone to finish the evening off. A huge thank you goes to Dr Michael Armstrong for setting up the venue and for organising all things sound-related so beautifully.

We are very grateful for Mark’s willingness to travel all the way from Sydney to work with our students and to stun us with his amazing performances. Our students are very privileged to be able to learn from and be inspired by Mark!

Aimee Rossler