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Year 11 Biology Fieldwork in the Warrumbungles

Yr11 group at the Warrumbungles

On Thursday 11 August the Year 11 Biology class travelled to the Warrumbungles to carry out field work. The aim of the study was to compare abiotic and biotic factors at two different sites in the National Park. Under the instruction of Mr Wes Leedham, Principal at the Warrumbungles National Park Environmental Education Centre, the students learnt and applied a range of fieldwork techniques to collect valid and reliable data. Students collected data about things like the abundance and diversity of plants and animals at each site using quadrats and transects. They also used a range of instruments to measure abiotic factors such as soil temperature, aspect, humidity, light intensity and gradient. In the afternoon students got their hands dirty when they tested  soil samples they had collected at each site to determine soil pH and soil texture. During class time, following the field trip, students applied their data analysis skills to identify relationships between the different environments and the organisms that can be found there.