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Philosophy of the P&C Association

The P&C Association at Coonabarabran High School, exists to support our school, from a parent and/or citizen’s perspective. The P&C aims to advance the best interests of our school and students.

A good relationship between our school and its’ parent community is of prime importance for appropriate student centred outcomes.

The P&C supports Public Education through this partnership, based on mutual respect, shared goals and trust. This valued partnership aims to enhance student learning through parents and staff working together. It is thought that our school is most effective in meeting its goals when the partnership between parents and staff is open, publicly valued and based on a clear understanding of our respective roles and responsibilities. The Executive at Coonabarabran High School is highly supportive of seeking involvement of the P&C.

The Principal and Deputy Principal at Coonabarabran High School have a fine record of keeping the P&C informed of their responsibilities centred on: learning outcomes for students, setting school priorities and allocation of resources. They inform, consult and seek advice in relation to school financial responsibilities and wider systemic matters.

The key focus of the P&C at Coonabarabran High School, is to provide a forum in which parents can articulate their needs and aspirations for their children and contribute to a developing partnership with our school. All parents of students at Coonabarabran High School are encouraged and welcomed to seek membership of the P&C.

Meetings of the P&C provide an important opportunity for the Principal, Deputy Principal and members of the parent community to work together. P&C meetings allow all parents to come together as members and contribute in an open and inclusive forum where ideas and concerns can be raised and discussed.

The P&C is responsible for the Coonabarabran High School Canteen through a very active and dynamic Canteen Sub-Committee. The aim is to provide healthy food and beverages (within Australian Guidelines), with appeal and appropriate pricing. A Canteen Supervisor is a paid employee of the P&C.

The P&C , together with staff, in this time of Climate Change, has developed an Environment Committee, to investigate and pursue the most appropriate methods of sustainability in water use, power usage, waste and recycling.

School beautification and grounds management is an area of involvement for Coonabarabran High School P&C. There are programs for native plantings and maintenance.

With the shortfall in government funding to public schools, the P&C is continually seeking ways to raise revenue for the benefit of our school. This is an ongoing role for our P&C.